Brand - Kiani Tea

But first, Tea.
I was introduced to tea by my Persian grandmother when I was around 4 years old. She lived in Tehran, Iran and my mother took me all the way from Scandinavia to the Middle East to spend the summer with her parents. I instantly had my eyes on my grandmother's "samovar", in which she so gracefully made tea for the whole family, on repeat. She invited me to explore her samovar, to play with it and make real tea with her. The tea was black and a little bitter, but I remember sweetening it with natural-looking sugar cubes. The only tea I drank, as a child, was tea from my grandmother's samovar. This habit of course faded when returning to Scandinavia.
When the following year she came to visit Scandinavia, she brought with her a present for me. A samovar, just for me. I was just 5 years old. The last time I used the Samovar was during that visit of my grandmother, her first and last visit.
I later learned that my great grandfather was a tea trader, and I have ever since aspired to follow in his footsteps one day.
I always thought I knew tea. That was until I started traveling to Asia. In Japan and especially in China, I learned that I was only at the tip of the iceberg. That is what has made this journey so thrilling. All of these new discoveries and lessons is what I live for. Discovery and learning is a priceless feeling.
When crafting my plans during the lockdown I took my time, I was meticulous, on purpose. After years of rushing in the fashion business, I was not looking for a repeat in my new quest. I had rushed enough in fashion. To me, tea is about slowing down and dedicating yourself to the act of the moment... to drink tea. So let's embrace that some more. 
Kiani Tea has been my companion this year, holding my through lockdown and uncertain times. This is just the beginning of my new journey and I am beyond excited to explore the every-surprising world of tea. I started my first collection with Chinese Tea, being very inspired by my travels to China; a place where I could infuse myself with the exotic tradition of Gong Fu Tea making every day and dig into a never-ending world of new teas I had never tasted before. In Beijing, I got to know a true fusion of the modern and the traditional. I was fascinated by that. It resonated with me very well and the way I view things; and perhaps, that's how I am approaching Kiani Tea. 
Traveling in China, somehow reminded me of my plans that I had forgotten all about, my tea plans.
Sara xxx