Forbidden City Explorer Box

Not sure which tea is for you?

Try Kiani Tea's explorer box with all 7 teas from the Forbidden City Collection.

Each sample box has 10g tea, which gives you enough 3-4 cups with each sample. (Bear in mind that each time you can reuse the leaves 2nd and 3rd infusions, which we highly recommend, as the second cup is usually the best). So you can make 1 samples box last 3-4 days if you make a cup every day.

Forbidden City Explorer Box consists of 70g tea in total:

  • 10g x Temple Heaven Pearl Tea (green tea)
  • 10g x Black Needle Tea
  • 10g x Gold Medal Pearl Tea
  • 10g x Imperial Black Dragon Oolong
  • 10g x Spring Maojian Green Fur Tips
  • 10g x Pu-erh Province
  • 10g x Jasmine Silver Needle
Makes an excellent gift for a tea lover!