Fujian Blue Matcha


Also known as, Clitoria Ternatea, Asian Pigeon Wings, Bluebellvine, Blue Pea, Cordofan Pea and Darwin Pea.. A girl has many names... We appropirately named her Fujian Pigeon Wing on the occasion of celebrating Fujian Matcha (she is made in Fujian). We are very excited to introduce you to our powdered version of her. She smells divine like tropical flowers (because she is one) and boasts so many health benefits that it would be a shame note to introduce her to your tea cup.

In Traditional Ayurvedic Medicine (TAM), the pigeon wing flowers have been used for centuries as a medicine to improve cognitive function. The flower contains acetylcholine which has nootropic properties. Nootropic helps boost memory, focus, creativity, intelligence and motivation.

Acetylcholine decreases with age, which can cause loss of memory. Consumption of Pigeon Wing Flower can reverse this process and help boost your brainpower, as it contains high levels of acetylcholine. It can help you to remember things better, to think more clearly, be more attentive and manage things better. Although you can buy drugs for cognitive enhancing, we highly recommend this natural ancient remedy of TAM.

Naturally high in antioxidants and anthocyanins, (the same kind as found in blueberries) it can help to reduce the presence of harmful free radicals and promote cellular health. It also contains anti0inflammatory properties. This tea is also a great skin health booster. 


To be whisked and made like any other matcha. Place approx. 2-3 scoops of matcha in your bowl, then wet with 15ml of 70°C water. Thoroughly knead mixture using bamboo whisk until smooth paste forms. Add 70ml of water of your choice of heated milk and mix until consistent. Add honey or sugar for enhancing flavour in your latte. If drinking pure as a tea, try adding lemon. Can also be left in fridge for a cold brew or poured directly over ice cubes. Enjoy!