Gold Jasmine Pearls

Size : 50g


  • Appearance : Pale yellow, champagne hue.
  • Aroma : Intense aromas of jasmine blossom.
  • Flavour : Fragrant, an intense, floral and smooth flavour with a fresh, spring undertone.
  • Mouthfeel : Well-rounded, velvety liquor with long-lasting sweet jasmine finish.


  • Measure 3g of leaves per tea cup (200ml). Boil water to 75 °C. Steep for 1-2 minutes.
  • Makes a good second infusion.

Gold Medal Jasmine Pearls, Fuding, Fujian Province, China.


A fully handcrafted process taking place during the Spring Harvest, the gold medal tea is a top-quality artisan tea. It is as much an elegant work of art as it is a delicious drink.

Gold medal pearls are entirely hand-rolled, made with Chinese artisan green tea which has been scented with jasmine blossoms. When tea leaves are harvested and the green tea making process is completed in the spring harvest, the finished green tea is carefully stored until summer when jasmine flowers start to bloom. Then the tea is layered with fresh jasmine blossoms during the night allowing the oils of the flower to infuse into the tea. The jasmine blossoms are removed in the following morning. This natural scenting process is repeated several nights with fresh jasmine flowers each time, until the aroma balance of the jasmine blossoms and green tea meets the standard of the skillful tea master. 

Our exquisite Pearls are from Fuding, Fujian Province of China, which has the best reputation for jasmine teas. The tea is entirely without additives and flavouring. The tea making process is organic and without the use of pesticides. 

Makes a refreshing afternoon tea and an excellent cold brew for warmer seasons.