Wu Lu Green Mountain Mist

Size : 50g


  • Appearance: Golden green

  • Aroma: Sweet, spring meadow

  • Flavour: Savoury and sweet, rich umami, grassy, hints of spinach, slightly nutty.

  • Mouthfeel: Refreshing, fullbodied, clean, smooth, brings thin but long aromatic flavor that fills the mouth.


  • 2-3g per tea cup (200ml). Boil fresh, filtered water at 80℃. Steep for 1 minute. You may experiment to taste which steeping time suits your taste. We find 1 minute just perfect. Sometimes even 30 seconds will do great.

  • We love brewing this Gong Fy style! You can try this too if feeling a little tea experimental.
    Do shorter steeps with 4-8g tea in a smaller 150ml cup size. Worry not if you don’t have traditional Gong Fu tea ware. You can alternatively use a tea strain to do separate steeps in either a cup or a teapot with 100ml water. Do short steeps of first 8s, 10s, 15s, 20s.

Green Mountain Mist

A classic Chinese Green Tea, balanced, refreshing and flavourful. Our Mountain Mist Green Tea makes excellent cold tea infusions too!

The foggy conditions of the mysterious mountainous Hunan Province makes for a natural shade growing of the teas, where they grow mostly wild and are harvested by the local mountaineers. Shadegrown leafs produce a high concentration of chlorophyll and nutrients that results a very rich taste. Chlorophyll is particularly good for skin health.

Wu Lu is made only from the newest, tiniest leaves of the tea plant, known as the “bud” (unopened leaf) and the first leaf below the bud. Each day the leaves are different and the produce of each batch of tea might be different.
These tiny, delicate leaves show their strength as soon as you smell them. Highly aromatic and pleasantly sweet, with savoury-sweet aroma of a spring meadow and wild flower honey.