Handmade Whisk

The Bamboo Whisk. Handmade, beautiful, essential. Comes in nice packaging which is a bonus if you are planning to give it as a gift. (even if a gift to yourself)

Our bamboo whisk, or chasen if you prefer, is handmade in Fujian, China, from a single piece of Bamboo. Very impressive.

Bear in mind the wood patterns may vary from whisk to whisk and no two whisk is guaranteed to look exactly the same.

Whisk your matcha into a beautiful, frothy tea.

Use your scoop to measure 2 scoops of Matcha into a Matcha bowl. Then wet with 15ml of 70°C water. Thoroughly knead mixture using your whisk until smooth paste forms. Add 70 ml. milk of your choice and mix until consistent. Optional: add honey or sugar for enhancing flavour.

Wash by gently rinsing under warm water and leave to dry standing upright.