Jasmine Silver Needle

Size : 50g


  • Appearance : Translucent, pale golden.
  • Aroma : Stunningly fragrant, jasmine.
  • Flavour : Floral (jasmine), fresh, perfumy, elegant.
  • Mouthfeel : Light and silky with a powdery finish.


  • 3g of tea per teacup (200ml). Boil water to 75°C with good, filtered water. Steep for 1 minute. 
  • Makes a good second infusion. In fact you can make several infusions, if you increase steeping time for each brew.

Jasmine Silver Needle, Fuding, Fujian Province, China.

Once favoured by Chinese Emperors, a cup of Jasmine Silver Needle will make you feel somewhat part of an Imperial Family (at least while you sip the tea).

This dreamy, delicate, and all naturally scented white tea, is the finest kind available in the world.

This tea is not flavored and contains no additives or oils. The scenting process works like this:

The silver tip white tea is laid our on bamboo trays and then covered with fresh jasmine blossoms over 6-7 nights in well-sealed rooms.

Each morning the flowers are discarded and fresh jasmine flowers are layered over the tea again. The downy tea leaves will absorb their fragrance over night.

Around 6kg of jasmine flowers are used to produce 1kg of Jasmine Silver Needle Tea. Quite remarkable.

After opening your Silver Needle Tea, it has a self life of 2 years.