Organic Earl Grey


Aromatic and sophisticated. We use only real oil from the Bergamot fruit to flavour our Earl Grey. Biodynamic Darjeeling leaf from India is carefully blended with Organic Bergamot Oil from sunny Calabria in Italy. Smooth and full bodied deliciousness.

Ingredients: Darjeeling Black Tea, Organic Bergamot

Each box tea contains 50g. Earl Grey Tea.

Brewing suggestion:

Using 100°C filtered water, add one teaspoon of tea leaves per person/per cup. Infuse for up to 3 minutes.

Try squeezing some fresh lemon in your Earl Grey as it complements the bergamot flavours nicely. 

Always very good with a splash of milk too. Enjoy!

"This is a celebration of all the Earl Grey Tea consumed in the mornings at cafés, over years, at Kins Cross."

- Sara Kiani, Founder of Kiani Teas -