Organic Pink Latte Powder


If extra colour is desired for your Rose Matcha, or you just want a pretty pink drink, this is the answer.

Often in cafes and in stores, rose matcha is mixed with other colouring additives, which makes the drink a more vibrant pink.

We want to keep additives an option. Not something that is secretly mixed into our products.

Our Rose Matcha is free from additives, which means the colour won't be so "pink", it rather has a natural tone. Here is the colouring used for adding vibrant pink colour to rose matcha drinks.

For your latte: Keep amount of powder small for pastel pink or increase the amount of powder for a deeper pink. Experiment with your pink levels. We recommend 2-5g.

Can be used in the coffee, for a pink coffee latte (if you keep the coffee amount little). Or can be used on its own, if only colour is desired, without the benefits of rose matcha.

Our powder is 100% organic beetroot powder.