Pu-erh Province

Size : 50g


  • Appearance : Deep Amber brown with vibrant orange glints.
  • Aroma : Earthy and musky with wet woodbarrel and attic aroma.
  • Flavour : Earthy, old attic, wood barrels, undergrowth, gamy (leather) and mushroom flavours.
  • Mouthfeel : Well-rounded, silky, smooth liquor with a lingering thick, sweetness.


  • Measure 3g of tea per cup (200ml). Boil water to 95°C. Steep for 1 minute. Be careful of over-brewing as the flavours can come too strong. 1 minute makes a perfect brew.
  • Good for a 2nd and 3rd brew. You may increase seconds to each extra brew. Try to taste. (Recommended to try every 30 seconds until you find your preferred cup)

Pu-erh Province, 2017, Yunnan Province, China.

Pu-erh is name after the city of Pu-erh in southwestern Yunnan that became a famous trading center and primary source of tea along ancient trade routes between China and its neighboring areas.

Aged and fermented dark teas came about as a result of transporting teas to rural areas of China's borders, hundreds of years ago. Before transporting tea to these areas, the Chinese would compress the tea leaves into slabs and logs. Traveling on horseback and camel, the teas were exposed to moisture and so began to ferment. It was discovered that this developed and changed the flavour of the tea. And Pu-erh was born.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine it is thought to "warm the spleen and stomach" and help with "blood cleansing" and digestion, and is therefore consumed after heavy meals in China. We recommend not using pu-erh to treat any health conditions, bur rather adding it as a complement to a healthy diet and lifestyle. 

Well made and properly stored raw pu-erh gets better with age and increase in value too. Therefore, it is in China common to gift a good pu-erh, like how in the West you would gift a good wine. After year in the right environmental conditions, it generally develops a more complex, earthy and smooth flavour due to microbial activity. Therefore, there is no best before date on your pu-erh tea. It really develops over time and they start being good to enjoy when they are around 4-5 years old. Store in a dark, cool, odor-free, dry area that is not exposed to large temperature variations