Spring Green Fur Tips

Size : 50g


  • Appearance : Clear golden liquor.
  • Aroma : Fresh, sweet chestnut, stir-fried bean.
  • Flavour : Buttery, spring fresh, vegetal, umami depth, nutty, grassy, delicate.
  • Mouthfeel : Buttery, pleasant, reviving, sweet lingering aftertaste.


  • Boil water to 70°C (using good, filtered water). Use 3g leaves per tea cup (150ml).
  • 45 seconds steep time makes a delicious, fresh and buttery cup of tea.
  • Even better on the second infusion. (70 °C, steep 45 seconds).

Spring Maojian Green Fur Tips.

The Green Fur Tips are an extraordinary, soft, buttery, and beautiful Green Tea that will take your mornings from sour to sweet in the moment of a sip.

The curly jade green leaves of this exceptional green tea are harvested in Fujian during spring, from the tender tea leaves grown under the seas of clouds surrounding the tea mountains, on which the fur tips are wildly grown with organic farming methods.

Fresh buds are picked from the upper part of the tea tree and is then crafted by our tea master who has over 30 years of experience in crafting tea. Green Fur Tips are characteristically pan fried and hand-rolled. The process of making 1kg of Green Fur Tips takes between 6-8 hours.

When opened, The Fur Tips have a shelf life of two years.